Becoming more conscious to heal your life

Call 0824424779 or email  You are capable of miracles. Life itself is nothing short of miraculous. With this knowing, here your journey begins. Becoming more conscious to heal your life is both a starting point and a destination. Good news is you can start right now. Wherever you may be, along with whatever is going on.

Getting to the point, to heal, grow and have abundance, first off you need to become conscious, fully conscious and aware of everything that is going on both around and within you. Staring from the cells, alive and well within your body, right through to the daily expansion of the universe at large; it is all part of you and it is all your business. I urge you, free your mind, right here and right now, this is the journey of a lifetime, it is not just any old trip we are embarking on here, it is a glimpse into the universe.

Consciousness is the awareness that you have about yourself and your environment. Consciousness is what you receive exists and doesn’t exist. There are many levels of it. Are you fully aware of everything that is going on both around you and within you that you should be aware of? What is it you are thinking about right now? Are there any consequences to this thought? Any purpose to them at all? Have you asked yourself what are you looking for in this post? What is it that you need and want from the experience and are you aiming way, way too low…sitting dully and not fully engaging in the possibilities of this experience. Becoming more conscious to heal your life requires you to show up. It beckons you to ponder and wonder again at the mysteries of the universe. Life has a way of breaking us down at times. So much so that we loose the hope without ever even realizing we have done so. Becoming more conscious to heal your life starts with things like awareness of breath, of sensation, feeling and thought. First awareness and then acceptance.


Chances are that right from the get go only about ten percent of yourself is consciously here with me. The rest is off elsewhere, as it always is, sheltered in between thousands of racing thoughts that speed through your mind. 60 000 thoughts race through your mind daily, but they are the same thoughts. That is the problem. That is the depression, the apathy, the hopelessness. Part of you is in the past, wondering why, and part of you is in the future; already picking up the kids from school. You are not all here, I do not have your undivided attention.

Becoming Conscious is an art form

Now, is what you just did before looking at this wellness blog, or perhaps even what you are going to do afterwards, in line with the representation of the person you really desire being? In other words are you doing everything you want to be doing, decisively an intentionally, is it in line with your life purpose? You very well may be stuck in a continuum where you process information almost autonomously without much conscious evaluation and direction. Like a river this autonomous-ness is often, we feel, the path of least resistance.

Let’s ask a few more questions; are you connected to your thoughts, I mean really, intimately connected? Are you fully in control of what you do, and are you happy with the way everything is going for you? These are questions we must ask ourselves to establish if we have a developed, functioning and perhaps fully awakened consciousness that may otherwise lie partly dormant if we are not careful. This dormancy, at any level of action, leads to functioning at a lower level than we are capable, less than any of us deserve to settle for. Now, the first question I asked is if you are truly aware of what is going on in your life. Let’s take that a little deeper. Are your most dominant thoughts positive or negative? Simply and importantly, if they are negative we need to make them positive, and that we are going to do, I can assure you. But do you really know what they are? If they are positive we have begun well and will continue to journey, align and expand even further. If they are nonconstructive and negative and you don’t really know why you are not fully conscious in the context I am describing here, all you need to know is that you are not capable of miracles or any significant and lasting positive change for that matter. Either way, it does not really matter.


We, together, collectively are going to shape and mold your thinking according to the natural way it should be, flowing. And in doing so are going to use every positive power and influence available to us above and below the African sun to ensure you are functioning at a level where you cease to run into unnecessary obstacles in your life. We are all divinely connected, all of us, and as a matter of fact there is a divine order of all things and your life is no exception. Becoming more conscious to heal your life must first be really, really contemplated and believed. Assume the feeling of this contemplation as a wish fulfilled! It needs to be directly on track and in sync with this power. We must settle for nothing less than excellence in the form of enjoyment, happiness and peace and power as we connect, or re-connect and become fully conscious of reality. You are a King or Queen amid mankind, more than conquerors, and I expect and accept only the very best for you. You are entitled to a life of abundance! Health, vitality, deep inner joy, peace and miracles are yours and you need to take and make use of them. You need to be conscious that these things are there for you without reserve or limit. There is a higher consciousness that we absolutely need to function from, because this is where it all in actuality happens in reality. The lethargy of not really being present, of drifting through life and the impotence of climbing mountain after mountain is not what we were made for. It is not what we were originally designed to do. Becoming more conscious to heal your life sounds a lot simpler than it is. It involves practice, persistence and belief. Every single day.
The theory of The Great nest of being adapted several times by dozens of philosophers takes us deeper into the realms of consciousness that exists. We have all heard of the distinctions between body, mind and spirit, but these of course do go much deeper. In Ken Wilbur’s profound work on Integral psychology he outlines some of the connections in the great nest of being. They are outlined as five divisions, that lead outward and into one another, namely; from physics and matter, secondly into biology and life then psychology and mind, into theology and soul and then mysticism and spirit. This
is one of the simpler and clearer structures of the levels of consciousness that exist. One is mutually inclusive of the other, we cannot function one without the other, and indeed we were not meant to.

Spirit is causal in consciousness it is not simple integral. As we work through practical examples of consciousness and behaviour keep this nest of being in mind, as perhaps it is only when we have learned to access all levels of consciousness that we are truly capable of being enlightened. We only ignore outer levels because of fear, but if we tread there with love and hope as our great teachers have shown us how to do we will actualise ourselves, become all that we can be. For more information on becoming more conscious to heal your life read the rest of African Conqueror. Call 0824424779 or email for further information on our retreats, wellness packages, depression clinics, groups and counselling options.

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