See what is really inside you

Wayne Dyer tells a story about the orange metaphor that helps us to see what is really inside you. We can get nothing out of an orange except what is really inside it. Pretty much goes for us too. Ever heard the expression, “I am a wonderful person but if you cross me, I’ll turn into real psycho”. We hear it all the time. People trying to play two parts of the play. We all have a shadow, but sooner or later one of our selves has to go. The other has to lead. Ego, is garrulous and demanding, selfish and bitter. It is a part of the persona we all have, sure. But let that part lead, decision-make and act on impulse, and watch things come tumbling down.

Life teaches is there is a better way than the ego or shadow self. There is a part of us that is above the bullshit. It is called many things. The spiritual self or higher self for example. Letting what we need to go, and having a mind that is open as opposed to defensive and closed can make all the difference to a life well lived. Pain, suffering and emotional torture oftentimes come from a lifetime of allowing ego to run rampant. Ego lets nothing go. It holds resentment – statistically the biggest reason for any relapse. Ego is easily angered, boast and is self absorbed. To see what is really inside you, and come up with less than you thought you’d find, can be earth shattering.

Practicing spiritual principles is said to cure disease, heal stress and bring people to states of enlightenment. This is probably the great shift, or tipping point people speak of when they have a profound life change. The 12 steps of AA call it recovery for example.

Practice letting go through meditation and mindfulness practices. Keep growing, learning and evolving and stay open.

The orange analogy

The emotion that comes out of us when we are criticized, abandoned, pressured etc, was already something inside of ourselves. Wayne gave us the orange analogy to explain this deeper. If you squeeze an orange, you will get orange juice. No matter who squeezes it, what time of day it is or how they do it, when an orange is squeezed it produces orange juice. Why would you allow yourself to be upset over something that is not yours? If someone puts you down and you don’t accept it or allow it to affect you then it is their ‘stuff’. Be the orange, no matter what anyone does to you, the same thing comes out: love. To see what is really inside you and find love, not hate. To find kindness, rather than self-absorption…that is real success?

Life MUST BE REAL! We cannot fake it for too long. The truth will out. If God is really Truth, then know that, that is what we will end up being as well. It may be a large, large, large part of why we are here. To become real, just like the velveteen rabbit. Just like Pinocchio wanted to be. Perhaps just like the inner calling you and I have. To become real, fearless, limitless, endless and part of everything beautiful that this grand universe has to offer.

For more info or to really See what is really inside you, do one of our courses in recovery. Heal today and don’t stay stuck at all. Enough! We should always be working on personal transformation. Heal stress, anxiety, depression or anything else.

Wellness retreat, a rehabilitation stay with us, a welcome break to work on anxiety or depression? Whatever it is you need to help you see what is really inside you, come spend some time with us, or start online. Namaste and Gassho. Contact us.

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