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In South Africa there is a great divide between getting help for mental health at early onset, and or waiting until a person hits rock bottom. Private psychiatric hospitals abound  in South Africa, but many people do not want or need the clinical help of being hosipitalized. They know they need ot work on themselves and heal from depressions, trauma and disorders, but they battle to find the level of care appropriate to their needs.

Treating depression or bipolar at a health spa is just not going to work for most people. Professional help from qualified counselors, accompanied by a treatment plan and system of recovery can and does change lives everyday. But the help is hard to find. At the Sanctuary Private Mental Health Centers we help people heal in a homely, non-clinical environment. They keep their phones, their privacy and autonomy and at the same time delve into spiritual, psychological and emotional work that they hope will transform their lives – and almost always it does!

The sad part is by the time people come to us they have been through the ringer. Although abusing substances, but not quite addicted, many have tried drug rehabilitation centered several times. They have looked to other mental health facilities for short, inpatient stays, paid for by medical aid schemes. Many young clients who have gone off the rails, by taking drugs, partying and avoiding real life, while trying to cope with the trauma of drowning in depression for example.

Sometimes medium to long term stays at a facility, where you can take a time out to invest in yourself and your future success, is the cheapest and shortest route to both healing and self actualizing your dreams. While many people do need psychiatric recovery centers, or private psychiatric hospitals for intensive psychosis, burnouts or breakdown, others may need a more hands on body, mind and soul experience where they get to change everything. If life is not working, and it hasn’t been for a long time, often that is exactly what needs to change. You stat from the foundation and move upward. At the Sanctuary for example you learn to heal psychically, then psychologically and then emotionally. By the time you are doing spiritual work, which is all about looking deeply inward.  The course work is radically advanced and is a core asset at our center. The work is designed to get right into the dark corners fast, and it keeps breaking people open – it doesn’t break them down. They are already broken down. Oddly enough, once people start their journey, almost all of them don’t want to leave until the full courses are completed. The fear that precedes any big changes, and the stigma that surrounds mental health and of course being at a private mental health center are outweighed and long forgotten.

About our Private Mental Health Centers

The Sanctuary Programs are part of our passion in treating people in a non-clinical environment. After years of clinical experience we have opted for something completely different!! We are not a psychiatric center nor a drug rehab center or a depression clinic. Although we work with the best doctors, and our own psychiatrist, in each of these fields. We are a highly modern organization where the therapy is provided in a way that mimics optimal home living in the paradise of Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape. Ask our team bout more of the many benefits of our experiential treatment philosophy. Our 30 years of experience and heavily degreed staff make this unique style of treatment possible. The benefits are truly phenomenal in our experience!

For a completely private and complete revitalization and wellness treatment centre experience call 082 442 4779 or email We are just 45 minutes from Cape Town and collect clients upon request.


  • Tired and burnt out?
  • Seeking Personal Transformation at the Highest Level
  • Borderline, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Stress treated by registered professionals.
  • Long or short term Anxiety or Depression, or Burnout?
  • Eating Disorders, Weight and Health work?
  • Performace, Wellness, Vitality Work?

Every client is treated to privacy, comfort and modern home living styled accommodation. Solitude, beautiful seclusion and the experiential nature of mental health treatment with top therapists, adds significant value. The therapy is second to none, and is our signature offering.

Therapy is balanced and ensures clients are able to interact with Leopard, Elephant, Wolves, Cheetah and Lion as well as also enjoy the oceans, beaches, whale and dolphin watching, which add the perfect touch to a life changing recovery experience.

For more information on our Private Mental Health Centers which are a super modern and unique alternative to private psychiatric hospitals get in touch today for a tailor made package. Additions, Bipolar, Mood disorders, Depression and much more. Call +27824424779 o email

Almost all clients are soon puzzled as to why they never embarked on a self transformation years ago, instead of battling mental illness, stress or depressions for the last ten years.

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