Private Mental Health Treatment is preventative

Clients don’t need to have a breakdown, or a rock-bottom, before they choose to take time out to recover, re-balance and heal. Prevention is better than cure. Bridging the mental health gap is our specialty, fulfilling a major need for many local and international clients alike.

We help clients move through various phases of healing for :
– Cancer Treatments (all stages)
– All Personality Disorder Treatments
– Mood and Personality Disorder courses (DBT, CBT, etc.)
Emotional Healing – Divorce, Burnout, Anxiety, Stress Management

We work with professionals and clients are still able to see their own therapists online while in treatment, if required.

All clients are on their own unique treatment programs, unlike larger psychiatric recovery centers. Our center keeps small numbers and all therapy is done by registered therapists with decades of combined experience. Our team includes top psychiatrists, counsellors and doctors whom we have all worked with successfully in our clinics since 2012, offering undeniable results to our local and international clients.

About our Center

Providing highly unique and alternative options to depression clinics, drug rehab centres and other institutions that may not suit an individuals needs to grow, develop and heal holistically from whatever is holding them back from transforming their personal lives. Our Private mental health center is a modern, personalized healing center where people maintain their autonomy, comfort and space while healing in paradise with professionals – once and for all. Our treatment team includes top specialists, psychiatrist, registered social workers and counsellors that work with clients personally to heal quickly and efficiently at the highest possible level. It is the bridge between punitive and clinical mental health facilities and top psychiatric centers that has offered undeniable results since 2012.


Everyone! More and more people world-wide are going to centres and retreats annually as apart of their self development work. Deep emotional, spiritual and mindful work were seldom ever thought of historically and people today have started to pay the consequences. We need connection, expression and oftentimes a passionate letting go of people, places and things that have been traumatic, hurtful or emotionally wounding.

Developing the tools you need to move forward, grow and heal in your life is an extraordinary life experience that no one should be afraid of. Staying stuck should be our biggest fear. We need to grow, self actualize and develop through things like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and even relationships.

For more help with treatment and Bridging the mental health gap contact us on +27824424779 or email

Bridging the mental health gap


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