How to change your mental health

So, you think you know How to change your mental health? Thinking of change is a great idea, but it remains in the pink cloud of non-reality until you have palpable, real changes and consequences that can be checked and tested that are happening in your life.

Real, sustainable change is difficult. Changing our thinking and trying to heal from depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health issues is seriously hard work. Normally, almost always, it requires what is called a system of change. You could use a self help book like The Artists Way for example, to unblock your lack of creativity and motivation. You could use Deepak Chopra’s meditations, or get motivated by Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Network. You could also try Buddhism, or seeking God through spirituality or religion. An alcoholic may try the 12 Steps of Alcoholics anonymous, and so on.

How to change your mental health

When asking people if they have changed or grown over the last three to five years, they often respond with two things. First, that whatever they are suffering from, depression or similar, it has gotten worse. Secondly, that they have usually tried everything in their personal arsenal to try and heal from their issues. Yoga, eating healthily and taking up exercise, through to seeing a handful of doctors and psychologists. Yet, it seems that the healing and changes they want still elude them. How to change your mental health is a question that alludes 90% of us for a handful of years before we realize it is so.

The problem with change is that we are using our current thinking to solve problems. Yes, of course, we get frustrated by getting the same results over and over again. We try and use the same thinking that git us lost in the depression or stress for example, and hope for different outcomes. This according to Einstein it is absolute insanity. And he is right! Worse still, the brain, although very plastic and pliable, is super resistant to change. It believes that things will probably get worse – as is reported by so many people who suffer illness and emotional and mental discomfort. So they brain becomes resistant to change. It sweeps into blaming and especially denial of the problem, and sets in place a firm road-block to change. So now, change is even more difficult to manifest. You become your own worst enemy.

To learn How to change your mental health, listen carefully, is probably going to require a change in everything. Perhaps read that again. Yes. You will need to change your physiology, your emotional states and your thinking or psychology. You will also need a forth aspect of self, which is your soul or spirit. This means you will simply start needing to look inwards. This will automatically shift you away from blaming and denial that make you so resistant to change and to anything new. An awareness of your own resistance is super difficult. For us, as healers, we battle to get people to see their own prison, the prison of the mind. We often will use group therapy to crack open the stubborn and resistant mind, who is unknowingly self sabotaging any possibilities of real change. We need to get past the Monkey Mind, as the Buddhists call it and move into expanded awareness.

Letting go of depression

To do this work on How to change your mental health you need help. External help that will allow you the awareness of your inner sage. This sage part of you knows change is necessary and is more than capable of conquering the minds saboteur nature. It can move you out of ritual, out of habit and out of obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviours. The good news is that once you crack open the shell to change, it can be a powerful and swift rise to personal transformation that is sustainable over  a life-time. This is the work we now do, and wish you all super abundant healing as you choose to not stay stuck yourself any longer. Mind problems get worse if left untreated. They are progressive in nature. Seek the help, because what you seek is seeking you! Mark L Lockwood BA(hons) (psy), Healer and teacher of the Sanctuary’s Ocean Wild Wellness Programs. Namaste and Blessings.

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    You will need to change your physiology, your emotional states and your thinking or psychology. You will also need a forth aspect of self, which is your soul or spirit. This means you will simply start needing to look inwards.


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