Change by doing it badly

Courageous people do idiotic things. Fearful people do little. Fearless people see life as it is and do what is needed. Sadghuru

Failure is always a precursor to success in life. If you want to start out at something new, you’re probably going to be fairly bad at it to begin with. Archery, motorcycling, chess or swimming are examples we’re used to as progressive in nature. But when it comes to mental health, we seem to think differently.

You’re just supposed to know how to do life, and do it well. First time around. But for most people, probably ninety eight percent of us, we fumble around in the dark first. Oftentimes for years, getting it wrong. We hide who we are and hope for the best. We suck it up and just try keep going at all cost. We fake smiles and hide tears. Not knowing that it is a process that cannot last. Soon we must fall into truth. If we cannot cope, that will be our truth. Divorce, trauma, anxiety and near death experiences are common place today. Do we take the time and effort to deal with these major issues? Almost always, we don’t do enough to nurture the self, the feelings and the psychology of it all. So most of us will change by doing it badly. Then, with time, we will hopefully get better at it. We will learn to take better care of ourselves. We will discover the lost art of relaxation and living stress free for long stretches of time. Not just for three weeks at the end of any given year.

But it won’t be easy to admit to yourself and others that we change by doing it badly. Our egos won’t allow it.

The mere mention of the word “change” may cause some to feel uneasy. We often find ourselves resisting change, perhaps because of the perceived risk or fear associated with it. This resistance can be seen in the student who always finds himself or herself procrastinating, the 10-year smoker who keeps having “one more,” or the overly stressed boss who continues to add to his plate. It’s an interesting predicament we put ourselves in. So why do we have such a hard time initiating or following through with our desire to change?

Setting goals is something we stop doing. Think about it. We stop setting goals because we change by doing it badly and don’t want to admit it. We hide. In doing so we make matters worse. At our private mental health center we teach people how to change properly…how to not fear it so much. A healing center or wellness center experience is all about awakening to both reality and the possibilities and capabilities that are your God given rights to use as a human being. Transformation is all about going above the persona, above the person you created up to this point.

It’s important to continually reflect back upon the advantages of the commitment you have made, check in with your plans, as well as provide yourself positive reinforcement. Acknowledgment of the progress you have made thus far and reflection upon what you have gained is essential.

Lastly, be kind to yourself! It is likely that you are working towards a long term change: If, for instance, you miss a day at the gym don’t view it as a full-blown relapse into past behaviors; trust you will have plenty of days in the future to exercise and get back on track the next day.

For more help with mental health, depression and anxiety get in touch. We are experts in helping people transform through admitting that we change by doing it badly. And, that it’s okay.

Do 2020 Badly with New Years Resolutions

Give yourself permission to fail. Acceptance is a massive part of lasting and sustainable change. Go for it in 2020 as we wish you an incredible tranformative year ahead, with green lights all the way.

Conscious awareness and focus are the key to creating the life you want this year. Specific, measurable, realistically achievable and time-bound resolutions are far more likely to succeed than wishy-washy maybe’s. Spend an hour on your resolutions for 2020. Get quiet and be specific. Write them down for clarity and treat the finished product like a personal contract you have with yourself. Pin your resolutions somewhere you can see them everyday and begin to include them in your meditation, contemplation and prayer time. Keep them top of mind while you do your yoga and daily exercises. Operating without goals and objectives oftentimes leaves us confused, lost and feeling frustrated that we can’t seem to find our way to where we need to be as easily as other people seem to do it.

Come heal with us at our center


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