Fear is the root cause of depression

Fear is the mindkiller

Fear is the root cause of depression. Depression is not a disease, but rather “a symptom, a sign that life is out of balance and change is necessary. Often what’s underneath that imbalance is fear — fear of feeling what is causing the pain that’s making you depressed, fear of making the changes that you are beginning to realize are necessary.” Drugs may mask the fear and pain, he says, but they don’t address the real problem. Not doing so means the problems will likely recur later, making you even more fearful and depressed, and more hopeless about making the necessary changes.

Certain areas of the brain help regulate mood. Researchers believe that — more important than levels of specific brain chemicals — nerve cell connections, nerve cell growth, and the functioning of nerve circuits have a major impact on depression. Still, their understanding of the neurological underpinnings of mood is incomplete. Research shows this, that people who are stuck in hind brain, or limbic system brain, which is at the back of your head, are caught in fight, flight or freeze – and the bubble will burst if you stay there long enough! So it is a physical thing this fear. It is something we can see on a monitor as we scan your brain. Yes, we can see the fear that you may actually be living in, inside your head.

Fear is the root cause of depression

People try and not get help

Did you know that depression, addictions and anxiety are three of the most common root causes of mental health issues we deal with and that people try their best not to get help for these issues! Yes, people avoid the help. They try everything first. Tarot card readers, potions, rock salts and anything else until they have to see a good therapist or get into a proper depression wellness program. They don’t get help cause they’re so scared it may not work. They fear what others think. They fear stopping daily life, to take a time out. Fear itself is the mindkiller here. It makes depression a hundred times worse in the end  and shows us that we can’t argue that Fear is the root cause of depression.

When people are depressed, they tend to isolate themselves, pulling back from others with whom they might otherwise have spent time. The depression makes them feel unlovable or undesirable or simply just not interested in people and activities they previously might have enjoyed. Withdrawing from others also limits their contact with encouragement and with positive interactions they might have with others.

In that isolation, the world does not present as many challenges, and it is possible for people to feel safe in depression, avoiding the hurts and disappointments that weighed them down. But that is risky. If you stay safely isolated in depression you can miss the confidence-building that can come with moving out of your comfort zone to meet new people, put yourself forward at work or ask for assistance to participate with others, even though your physical abilities are in decline.

Depression treatment and the like, costs more than $51 billion in absenteeism from work and lost productivity and $26 billion in direct treatment costs on an annual basis, according to nonprofit Mental Health America.

In addition, polls show fewer than half of employees who have access to a mental wellness program at work utilize it. Studies indicate mental health issues stay under the radar because the employee is afraid of jeopardizing his or her chances for promotion or because of the perceived stigma attached with mental illness.

The Snake And The Rope

In a book that I recently read there was a great parable that went something like this….

“A man walks at night along a path. He sees a poisonous snake blocking his way and turns and runs in the opposite direction. The next morning he’s walking down the same path and notices a rope, coiled up, in the shape of a snake. He then realized that in the darkness of night he had mistaken a harmless rope, for a deadly snake.”

This analogy stops the guy from going on his trip and getting home. It really is apt for how we explain depression treatment today. Get the help and don’t fear the snake. Our centre is a home away from home with seriously good depression treatment from seasoned professionals. Don’t stay stuck, get in an online course or take time out to heal depression at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation. We have helped bazillions of people just like you to be more successful in all areas of their lives. To stop addictions, depression and other debilitating issues. Don’t stay stuck.

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