Mental Health Wellness Retreats

There is certainly a mental health crisis unfolding all over the world. Mental health wellness retreats hosted by professionals, for all walks of people, are an alternative to clinical treatments. They are filling an essential gap in healthcare today. Clinical treatment is not for everyone. Mental health wellness retreat are deep healing retreats that need to be hosted by professionals who are able to treat people professionally for what ails them. In other words, a good mental health retreat is one that is hosted, run, supervised and planned out by psychologists, life coaches and other heavily experienced people who can actually help people theoretically and practically recover and heal their lives. Why this is so important is that there is a major, major difference between a feel good holiday and a life changing therapeutic process. You cant go on holiday to heal depression, as tempting as that idea is to our ego’s. It can help. Sure. But real change is not going to happen without real changes actually happening in how you think, reason and conduct yourself on a daily basis. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Some people suffer depression anxiety stress burnout and an inability to cope with modern day life. Many people in fact. generally speaking, these people have historically tried to rely on masking the problem with pharmaceutical medications, with keeping secrets about their issues and by starting and stopping an array of ‘therapies’ that always tend to fizzle out. We try crystals, teas, workshops, yoga, hobbies, spas, philosophies, new age mysticism. We try low fat foods and pilates. We try a psychologist a couple of times, then we don’t go back. Pharmaceutical medication that was the great hope of the last few decades for one is not working. It masks. It doesn’t change anything, most of the time. This much we know in 2021. Most of the medication designed for depression anxiety and stress that should only be used for very short periods of time, around 3 to 6 months or so, are used as long term remedies. Remedies that are doomed to fail. Meds do help people who are in a deep change process or therapeutic process to shift and change better. But what is happening today is that people use the meds, don’t do the therapy, and then get the corresponding crappy results. So meds in themselves, much like green tea and turmeric don’t really work either. So what does work?

A mental health wellness retreat is not somewhere you would go and have a massage. That would be like putting another band aid on your stress and calling it a cure. A mental health wellness retreat is not somewhere that you would try and take two weeks time out to reflect on your thoughts and hope for a positive outcome to fall into your lap. No, these retreats are designed very specifically to actually help you change, shift and transform your life for the better once and for all. They use therapies like DBT, CBT and others to help you shift perspectives, heal trauma and move past things like codependence, anxiety and neurosis that hold you back from what you really need.

Professional psychologists, counsellors and well trained professional therapists who have a history of helping people with mental illness and psychological support are indeed able to assist people to change their lives in an inpatient environment that is far from clinical in its nature. People who have decades of experience, who have degrees, and long term training with universities and colleges. Not just people who have had a life shift experience themselves with Ayahuasca and a shaman.

Change is not easy. Think about that. It is very very hard to change our thinking feeling and behaviour patterns. This cannot be done overnight. It is just that simple. It takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to change our lifestyle, sure. But that is far more time than most people are even willing to invest in their wellness. We believe that in most cases around the world any intervention to help people with long-term depression or anxiety will take at least 90 days to initiate. Thereafter clients need to continue mindful, meditative and contemplatives work at home for at least a year if they want that work to stick. The the first year of healing is essential to making the changes people make in the therapeutic process last. In order for change to be sustainable it needs to be practised over time. People often expect to heal 20 years of depression with three or four psychotherapy sessions. Good luck with that! This is beyond ridiculous and it just does not work. People need to change everything if they want lasting change for themselves. They need to work on themselves psychologically and physiologically and then emotionally and then spiritually. Anything less than treating these four pillars of the self will not bring lasting healing, recovery and transformation to a person. At least that is what we have observed at our Centre for healing and life transformation over the last decade.

Now, people usually only seek therapeutic treatment when the emotional pain they are experiencing becomes too much to bear. People put off having psychotherapy. They try and mask the pain and suffering they are experiencing. People usually will try anything and everything before they seek the proper medical treatment that they need to change their lives around. People Will first go and see those tarot card readers, they will go and see people who use crystals, tea leaves, massage oils and aromas and all other kinds of alternative treatments before they become willing to start look at their feelings and emotions that are keeping them from experiencing a quality lifestyle that they deserve. The statistics are out there. So what do we do to better help people as a society. Educate them on how to change, transform and really heal what is oftentimes a depression, anxiety or personality issue that has manifested itself to heal childhood hurts from 8 years old, thirty years prior to the onset of, say a depressive episode.

The good news is that the help is out there. It is not complicated to change, heal and develop yourself worth, self efficacy and self esteem. All it takes is willingness and dedication and the right path towards going where you need to go. Don’t stay stuck is our message. Don’t do what you always do and get those same results. If your life is not working the way you want it to, go all the way. It doesn’t matter if you walk on coals with Tony Robbins, or mediate with Deepak Chopra. As long as you do deep therapeutic work as well, you will probably, or almost definitely get the life transformation that you seek. Courage, vulnerability and the power of your intention, coupled with the right treatment will help you shift what doesn’t work. No shortcuts necessary. So yes. You really, really can heal your life! Mental health wellness retreats like ours are a great way to do that and are often the shortest and cheapest routes to long term vitality, health and wellness. Namaste.

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