The spirals of our emotions

The program of emotions anonymous has helped million of people to start to heal their lives and one of the key teachings they bring us are how to recognize that we have two spirals of emotions. The strange thing about the spirals of our emotions is that we only realize how chronic our emotions can be when we are way down into the rabbit hole. So awareness is key. We need to see, recognize and acknowledge our downward spirals and then step in to change what is happening with them.

I want you to also consider that both of the spirals of our emotions, the negative and then the positive are very similar to the two halves of half as Carl Jung suggested. Once we understand that what we are doing has created a downward spiral, we can then let go of that doing, and in so doing we will float back up to the surface and then begin to float in ecstasy, as some of the wisdom traditions have taught us. We have another powerful saying, “KEEP COMING BACK!” which is an affirmation that we all can use every day to remind ourselves that the coming back we need to do is what the journey is really about. We are falling upwards and are first troubled by our emotions that will in the end make us the most human we can be. Emotions are in fact one of the best parts of being human. Once we stop acting impulsively and start to feel we access and manage the spirals of our emotions more effectively and in so doing become capable of anything we put our minds and hearts to. Don’t neglect your emotions any longer. Recognize and acknowledge them. Embrace them and in so doing you will spiral upwards.

Downward cycle of emotional illness:

I have minor difficulties.

I feel sad.

I have more and more problems.

I have disagreements with family and friends.

I feel worried and anxious.

I am irritable.

I indulge in excessive daydreaming.

I feel guilty.

I feel depressed.

I have psychosomatic ailments.

I am losing interest in activities.

I feel indifferent about most things.

I make excuses.

I try a change of location.

I blame other people and situations.

I feel inferior.

I withdraw and avoid people.

I develop chronic depression.

I become dependent upon prescription medicine or other drugs.

I am unable to function.

I feel extremely lonely.

I am preoccupied with myself and my problems.

I am unable to concentrate.

I make varied and frustrating attempts to get help.

I am afraid of living and of dying.

I have an irrational but overwhelming fear.

I feel panic and terror.

I abuse drugs.

I can no longer rely on my alibi system.

I feel I am a failure.

I consider suicide.

I am in complete despair.

Upward cycle of emotional recovery:

Let us never forget that after every downward spiral, there is a corner to turn. With just a little daily work on yourself, you will be able to access the upward cycle of emotional recovery. The spirals of our emotions run both ways. When we learn how to manage this, we become limitless.

I am at my emotional bottom.

I admit complete defeat.

I have an honest desire to get well.

I find the fellowship of Emotions Anonymous.


I feel hopeful.

I accept help and find immediate relief.

I learn emotional illness can be relieved.

I find relief from tension.

I attend EA meetings regularly.

I feel optimistic.

I benefit from the shared experience of the program.

I work the Twelve Steps.

I meet recovering people who were formerly ill.

I increase my faith in a Higher Power.

I learn new attitudes, feelings, and values.

I seek help with my fourth-step inventory.

I can laugh again.

I am not as fearful.

I gain self-respect and begin to like myself.

I am more grateful.

I am able to accept reality.

I am happier.

I accept my responsibilities.

I feel a sense of well-being.

I am able to love again.

I have more faith and courage.

I find life becomes smoother.

I know the joy of living.

I understand serenity and peace of mind.

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