Heal depression at a wellness centre

Here in South Africa we hardly know what a wellness centre really is. We can barely tell the difference between a wellness centre and a massage parlour or spa. Knowing that you can heal depression at a wellness centre is vital for many, many people who have critical issues to fix and face in 2022. Mental health clinics, depression centres and inpatient treatment centres are few and far between, and finding great ones can also be difficult. Yet they are out there and they help people do 180 degree changes in relatively short periods of time. Changing lives is no small issue as far as mental health is concerned. Many people need to invest in a set an amount of time, money and space to heal their lives and correct the paths that their lives are taking. We must understand that although depression is a crippling emotional issue that is plaguing the world at the moment in the form of a mental health crisis, we must also remember that it is a highly treatable condition. Whether it is anxiety, stress or depression that you face know that you can Heal your life!

heal depression at a wellness centre
heal depression at a wellness centre on the beach in South Africa

What we have started to understand after 20 years of helping people in our clinics to transform and reshape their lives is that we tend to look for help only when we reach rock bottom. Most people will only seek help from professionals after suffering years and even decades with a debilitating mental or emotional issue. People believe that there is still a certain stigma about our mental health and that we should keep all our issues and problems quiet. We try and hide not only who we are but what we are going through and in doing this we make matters worse. Trying to go life alone in today’s modern world may just be impossible if not just a bad idea. No man or woman is an island. In this fast paced and technologically orientated world we need help to ground and balance ourselves and our lives. We need to connect and integrate.

When we are suffering and down or low this is especially prevalent. These times are particularly hard for us to ask other people for help this is why we tend to wake for a rock bottom until we make a change. But this is an old and outdated way of thinking and being. We are seeing attitudes, issues, traits all turn into personality disorders like major depressive disorder. This should not be happening with such prevalence. Yet, this is happening with more prevalence than ever before because we are not treating anything. We are letting sleeping dogs lie. The new rage today is to go and see your medical doctor and follow a prescription and hope that it helps your life long depression disappear. Time and time again we are hearing and seeing that this is not enough to get people to a state of homoeostasis that they need. Psychotherapy and other therapies and coaching are essential today more than ever before in history.

Although we have more information at our fingertips than any generation before us the kind of information that we get is still grey to most of us. We can’t make head or tail of it. Here at the centre we find that the best way to get through issues with information is through the word of mouth approach. The example of other people who have really turned their lives around becomes scientific fact. Watch out for those people, talk to them, because they are gold. There is nothing quite like experience and an experiential process that one person has been through that shows us change is possible. Understand that the amount of effort and time you invest into yourself is what you are going to get out of yourself at the end of the day. It is totally understandable that someone looks for a quick fix when it comes to treating their anxiety stress and depression. But the news is out! A total investment in one’s health, mental health, and emotional health is the shortest and cheapest route to living your best life now.

heal at a depression and wellness centre

To come and heal at a depression and wellness centre like ours is honestly the opportunity of a lifetime. All you need to do is ask the thousands of people who have changed their lives for the better over the last few decades. People come in downplaying their symptoms and sometimes expecting to stay for a couple of weeks and yet with the time to stop and consider things with higher perspective they end up staying for a month, or for several months. At the end of the day we all have to do what it takes to get there for ourselves. Half measures avail us of nothing. So what we are really trying to say is that if something is holding you back from feeling, being and achieving what you need to in life for yourself then it is probably time to take certain steps in the direction of healing mind, body and soul. Today there is no longer a need to stay stuck. You can, will and must heal your life and at the end of the day it may just be one of the greatest journeys and adventures that you ever embark upon.

For more information about heal at a depression and wellness centre call +27824424779 or email centreforhealing@gmail.com We have inpatient treatment, depression courses online and sessions from multiple therapists available too.

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