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CALL 082 442 4779


EMERGENCY 079 0821 745

Centre for Healing and Life transformation, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa, 6600

Closely located to the Plett Medical Centre, shops and beach, there is little need for your own transport. Surrounded by The Knysna Forests, The Indian Ocean, Nature and Marine Reserves we have created a Sanctuary for recovery. Our Depression Treatment Centre  is here for you, right where you are, and will provide you uniquely with what  you need, without having to fit into a structured group therapy process.

Flights directly into Plettenberg Bay are available through Cemair, or George Airport, where clients will be collected.

Depression treatment centre
Situated 300 meters from the Beauty of Plett Beach


Admitting a problem or problems, and asking for help is often the hardest part of making a new start. With The Sanctuary programs, we understand exactly what you are going through and we know how to help.

You are welcome to contact us by email or telephone to speak with a counsellor or specialist who can help you find out how to begin your recovery and healing process.

All calls and emails are confidential. Once we receive an inquiry we will gather some background information to help us determine the appropriate treatment services necessary for you to begin your recovery.

Remember that our Centre for Healing and Life transformation’s help is just a phone call away. CALL 0824424779

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19 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good day
    I am looking for a treatment center. I am diagnosed with bipolar. I am 57 years old and unemployed. I have a medical fund Polmed. Are you registered at the medical funds?


  2. Good day
    Although i have read and understood all about the center on your website, i need to know if my medical aid could pay for my sessions with you as i need to check in asap.
    Kind regards
    Linda Kops


  3. Hi there my mother in law Mardi Lewitton has a problem. She has lost her husband my father in law and before that went through another death of her previous husband and the first husband abused her. She therefor has a alcoholic problem, crying everyday. Last night was our worst experience with her ever. She threatened to commit suicide, she left the house and went walk about, she was extremely drunk, she fell on a walk way whislt walking where the security found her, her pants was unzipped and she did not look well at all. After long and hard disscussions with her last night she agreed to go to rehab, but this morning when she woke up she refused to go and I feel our hands as Children has been cut off she is looking for all kinds of excuses. I want to know is there any ways or means that someone can fetch her or speak to her and convince her to follow a program link you presenting. She has a good medical aid Sisonke Health. Please this is extremely urgent if you can let me know what we can do before her threats becomes reality. My contact number is 066 286 3705


  4. Hi I am looking to join your programme sooner rather than later as expressed to Mark in an earlier conversation who said there was space. Please let me know how I book in


  5. Good Day, My female friend is going through so much of anxiety and depression that she tried to take her life twice that I know off. She came out of a very ugly divorce and now has been tormented by him with ugly emails etc. I need her to find peace and get guidance on how to come out of this. Please help.


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