Our Wellness Retreats

A wellness retreat styled break from life in order to heal and grow, is honestly for anyone. Many people go to get healthy, get out of a rut, to make friends, and to get away from their lives, routines in their respective cities. Plettenberg Bay lends itself to this like nowhere else on our coastline. We would highly recommend that everyone goes on a wellness retreat because it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You make lasting friendships, try new things, pu

sh yourself out of your comfort zone, and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.



Our Sanctuary Wellness Retreats at Centre for Healing and Life transformation are different. There are some magical secrets you will get to experience when you arrive. Every retreat is personalized to the person or groups individual preferences and how we balance a retreat planner is where the magic comes.

The work of getting out of comfort zones that keep us sick is especially wonderful in a world so magically large and diverse. In the morning, you may do a mindfulness workshop, go through your welcome pack materials, have the most intensly meaningful therapy session you can imagine and then do yoga as a group on the open deck that overlooks the Plett Ocean from East to West.

You may then choose to spend the larger part of the day surfing, supping, paddling, picnicking on our private islands, or walking picking up pansy shells. You may catch up on course work, enjoy reading, delve into one of the life-changing audio sessions and have a life changing experience. As a treat after our long day of being out in the ocean, you may decide to drink fresh coconut water, and snacked on pineapple and papaya before you wind down with a spa treatment. Although work comes first, relaxation through trauma is important. All disorders are trauma for the mind, body and soul to some extent.

Some clients may zoot off to dinner together whilst others may enjoy an evening talking on the deck and preparing for the following sunrise silent retreat, and then hike and breakfast on Robberg Mountain. Our Wellness Retreats offer you the full freedom to choose what balance suits your personality the most.


During the late afternoon at Centre for Healing and Life transformation, much of your time is your own, to balance holiday, fun, growth work and alone time. Some may wander into town and enjoy gelato while listening to Bob Marley in a new light, while others are free to hike, get spa massages, do reiki healing sessions, go to our spa, or day spa’s or go swimming in their open time.

A full gym contract is given to each and every client which includes a full size swimming pool and gym. At night, we may do another group yoga session together, whilst several people may decide to learn to cook healthy dinner recipes that they can use at home to continue their new found healthy, healing lifestyle.

Retreat Therapy at Centre for Healing and Life transformation

The main thing most people like are the sessions. Aside form our hospitality, the therapy is out of this world. It is modern, fresh and deeply emotional work.

Many enjoy healing therapies from our doctors, our body weight assessments, cleansing, restoration and body refreshment week and more. Others are here for body rejuvenation, weight loss courses and to learn how to live balanced healthy, optimum lifestyles. Nothing here is compulsory, you always get to choose what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Everyone is on a unique programme here in our wellness retreats.

We do group therapy, individual therapy. We do progress and goal setting sessions. We do mindfullness and art groups that vary in nature, we do spiritual awakening groups, interpersonal therapy groups and many lectures and workshops. At least one a day balancing work and our wanderlust. Whatever you do here, our goal is that you leave revitalized and refreshed, healed and profoundly transformed from all dis-ease. For those who are stuck in issues and have been for years or decades, we hope you return home unrecognizable!!

our wellness retreats

Wellness tourism in general is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual activities. While wellness tourism is often correlated with medical tourism because health interests motivate the traveler, wellness tourists are proactive in seeking to improve or maintain health and quality of life, often focusing on prevention, while medical tourists generally travel creatively to receive treatment for a diagnosed disease or condition. Whoever you may be or whatever you feel you may need, you are welcome at Our Wellness Retreats to simply come and heal with us.


Learn to live healthy daily in mind, body and soul. Of course, the secret to a health retreat at Centre for Healing and Life transformation is to understand how to replicate the process back home. Even if you don’t have the same incredible view or option to be unplugged 24/7, quality wellness retreats educate attendees on how to keep up their new habits.

Maybe this is incorporating aerobic exercise into your daily routine, learning how to prepare raw foods, or creating a sustainable meal plan that fits your lifestyle. After spending all this time making your body and mind feel great, you don’t want to slip back into the bad habits you’ve broken, whether it’s caffeine, crack or candy – our experience doesn’t care. Unphased we use all kinds of top therapies to heal from the bottom up. No stuckness, stress, depression or life block is beyond healing. All things are possible!

Our wellness retreats

For more information on our Centre for Healing and Life transformation Wellness Retreats submit the form above or send us an email, or give us a call. We are always here to assist where we can.

Want to see what we have to do in Plettenberg Bay in terms of activities, that will add flavour, verv and zest to your experience, click below.

Plettenberg Bay pics and activities

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