Depression and Wellness Center

Providing highly unique and alternative options to depression clinics, and other healing and recovery centres and other institutions that may not suit an individuals needs to grow, develop and heal holistically from whatever is holding them back from transforming their personal lives.

Our Private and homely Depression and Wellness Center, Center for Healing and Life Transformation, is a modern, highly personalized healing center where people maintain their autonomy, comfort and space while healing in paradise with professionals – once and for all.


Our treatment team includes top consultants in the field, specialists, psychiatrist, registered social workers and counselors that work with clients personally to heal quickly and efficiently at the highest possible level. It is the bridge between punitive and clinical mental health facilities and top psychiatric centers that has offered undeniable results since 2012.

Our highly experienced team of professional counselors that work with the very best of our  psychiatrists, doctors and healing consultants have learned over the decades through deep data driven experience that there is no one size fits all approach to healing from burnout, depression and emotional issues.


The Sanctuary Emotional Wellness Programs today are better known as mental, emotional and spiritual wellness courses done at  The Center for Healing and Spiritual Transformation. The Sanctuary courses have been running since 2012 and have helped many people, who are looking for a therapeutic and spiritually based healing path, to find happiness and wellness.


You no longer not need to wait for a rock bottom! Preventative treatment that can stop the decent to disorder, compulsion, obsessive thinking and stuckness that people may feel are holding their lives back – is our business. With a decade long track record and over 30 years of combined experience we offer our clients a number of personalized programs that are not widely available anywhere else.

Residential inpatient stays at our Depression and Wellness Center simply help people from all walks of life with their unique issues to resolve get the full scope of treatment in our Sanctuary programs. We help people recover, heal, renew and grow in the long term and transform their lives. So we encourage you to boost, exceed, inspire and create your best life in the manner which suits your personal preferences best. Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Cancer care all personality disorders are treated with our healing programs.

Every comfort and luxury that would be used at home is provided to you, to make your stay with us feel like a home away from home.

The location is breathtaking. You can find us where Wild African Wilderness and Ocean meet! We are surrounded by several game reserves, forest wilderness and to top it all a magical stretch of Indian Ocean coastline with rolling white, sandy beaches.

Depression and wellness Rehabilitation Center


The Sanctuary Mental Health Recovery Programs are part of our passion in treating people in a non-clinical environment. This means you can be treated as an individual, doing therapy, life-work, courses, therapies, without being a rehab or clinical patient.

After years of clinical experience we have opted for something completely different!! We are not a psychiatric center nor a rehab center or a depression clinic. Although we work with the best doctors in each of these fields. We are a highly modern organization where the therapy is provided in a way that mimics optimal home living in the paradise of Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape. Ask our team bout more of the many benefits of our experiential treatment philosophy. Our 30 years of experience and heavily degreed staff make this unique style of mental health treatment possible. The benefits are truly phenomenal in our experience!

For a completely private and complete Depression and Wellness Center experience call 082 442 4779 or email We are just 45 minutes from Cape Town and collect clients upon request.


  • Tired and burnt out?
  • Seeking Personal Transformation at the Highest Level
  • Long or short term Anxiety or Depression, or Anxiety?
  • Eating Disorders, Weight and Health work?
  • Personality, Wellness, Vitality Work?

Every client is treated to privacy, comfort and modern home living styled accommodation. Solitude, beautiful seclusion and the experiential nature of treatment with top therapists, adds significant value. The therapy is second to none, and is our signature offering.

Your healing and wellness center

Therapy is balanced and ensures clients are able to interact with Leopard, Elephant, Wolves, Cheetah and Lion as well as also enjoy the oceans, beaches, whale and dolphin watching, which add the perfect touch to a life changing recovery experience.


So please think deeply. What do you need to achieve and heal from? Is it obsession, loss of purpose or substance issues? Do you want to increase your productivity? Heal depression? Develop your spiritual self? Grow your wealth and security? Overcome barriers and blocks in your life? Maximize Health? Improve Mindset and relationships? Find spirituality and Meaning?

Take action and book some time with us at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation and discover one of the most life changing, and profound personalized programs in the world.





Wanting to rewrite your life story? We treat through retreat, all depression, anxiety,  burn-out, weight issues, body issues, eating disorders, pre-divorce and post divorce work for individuals, couples and corporates. Learn the art of depression and wellness treatment centre healing,  of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! With us there is no “one size fits all” approach to an individuals treatment and the path to your recovery lies in having an individualized treatment programme. Stay in one of our comfortable private rooms and unwind, then transform.


The Sanctuary provide an array of tailor made professional programmes for a wide range of depressive and psychological behaviors. All are welcome. So, take your healing, growth and recovery beyond the next level of recovery with the practical (do) side of self development living. Discover how to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep learning and Give.


Depression and wellness Rehabilitation Center


Quick look reference guide of additional services and packages we offer:

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Trauma, Transformation
  • Meaningless and purpose fulfilment
  • Pre relationship cessation or divorce courses
  • Mindfulness, purpose and Spirituality courses
  •  Obsessions and burnout (30 years experience with registered professionals)
  • Body detox and revitalization
  • Sexual dysfunction and intimacy courses for couples or individuals
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Modern Christian Spiritual Courses
  • Christian Wellness Recovery Courses
  • Holistic (all religion) and spirituality amalgamation courses

Connect with us:

call +2782 442 4779 /

Value Added Like No Other

The Sanctuary is a no brain-er for anyone who is stuck and wants to grow. All who are willing are welcome. We have the unique recovery space for you to turn your life around and realize your true potential. That’s a fact! We look forward to welcoming you.

Depression and wellness Rehabilitation Center


Develop successful, spiritual recovery resources for life. Get more than just the basics of living a spiritual, clean and balanced life out of your experience.

Work hard on your specific personal issues such as depression, anxiety, compulsions and codependency and develop lasting change, rather than staking your chances on an old school treatment programme that might work for you.

Motivate yourself & become the self-actualized, no limit person you were destined to become. Work with your counselling team, family and loved ones to make the life changes you need to live a satisfying and productive, healthy lifestyle.

Make no mistake, our therapist are among the best in the world. Our location is no exception either! The Sanctuary use experienced and registered professionals who use proven, modern and groundbreaking physiological, psychological and spiritual recovery approaches that ultimately change lives! Reality therapy, coupled with the person centered approach to Depression and Wellness Center care. We ensure you’re not going to be ‘beaten down to be built up’ by our experienced team. Every client is different & so should their treatment plan be as well!

Email or call us now for further information. SA +27790821745. Confidentiality starts here, and so can your wellness process. Send us your details and we’ll get back to you.


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Depression and Wellness Center

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