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For a private and intimate revitalization and wellness treatment centre experience call 082 442 4779 or email Stay for a day, a month a year. Choose from our different accommodation packages from various private and shared rooms, through to self catering, and then through to exclusive 5 star luxury accommodation packages.

What do you want? Increase your productivity? Grow your wealth and security? Overcome barriers and addictions? Maximize Health? Improve Mindset and relationships? Find spirituality and Meaning? Take action and book some time with us and discover one of the most life changing, and profound programs around.




Wanting to rewrite your life story? We treat through retreat, all depression, anxiety,  burn-out, weight issues, eating disorders and body issues, pre-divorce work, addictions and dual diagnosis for individuals, couples and corporates. Learn the art of depression and wellness treatment centre recovery,  of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! With us there is no “one size fits all” approach to an individuals treatment and the path to your recovery lies in having an individualized treatment programme. Stay in one of our luxury rooms that suit your budget, or stay in one of our partner hotel, bnb or self catering locations. The Sanctuary provide an array of tailor made professional programmes for a wide range of addictive, depressive and psychological behaviors. In the paradise of Plettenberg Bay. Take your healing, growth and recovery beyond the next level of recovery with the practical (do) side of self development living. Discover how to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep learning and Give.

Quick look reference guide of services we offer:

  • Meaningless and purpose fulfillment
  • Pre relationship cessation or divorce courses
  • Mindfulness, purpose and Spirituality courses
  • Addictions, Obsessions and burnout (30 years experience with registered professionals)
  • Detoxification support with our psychiatrist at a local clinic
  • Smoking cessation courses
  • Sexual dysfunction and intimacy courses for couples or individuals
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Modern Christian Spiritual Courses
  • Christian Addiction Recovery Courses
  • Holistic (all religion) and spirituality amalgamation courses

Connect with us:

depression and wellness centre

We uniquely offer individualized and highly personalized in-patient rehabilitation from depression and substances like alcohol, cocaine, heroin and dual diagnosis as well as food addiction, weigh loss, smoking cessation and burnout issues. Heal with our highly experienced and registered counsellors and therapists. Recovery is an on-going process and that is why quality time for addiction treatment and self development is so important. At our depression and wellness treatment centre we emphasize optimal living, the collective development of our clients, and a modern yet classical philosophy that brings out the very best capabilities in our clients. With us you can learn to live unforced recovery in ecstatic motion.

Also inquire about our spiritual connection and renewal retreats that are either in groups, for couples or one on one.

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Develop successful, spiritual recovery resources for life. Get more than just the basics of living a spiritual, clean and balanced life out of your experience.

Maintain a new life direction and learn long term recovery & social integration. Remember, nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Work hard on your specific personal issues and develop lasting change, rather than staking your chances on an old school treatment programme that might work for you.

Motivate yourself & become the self-actualized, no limit person you were destined to become. Work with your counselling team, family and loved ones to make the life changes you need to live a satisfying and productive, healthy lifestyle.

The Sanctuary use registered professionals who use proven, modern and groundbreaking physiological, psychological and spiritual recovery approaches that ultimately change lives! Reality therapy, coupled with the person centered approach to depression and wellness treatment centre care. We ensure you’re not going to be ‘beaten down to be built up’ by our experienced team. Every client is different & so should their treatment plan be as well!

At the breathtakingly beautiful Sanctuary House care is 100% individualized. We work with you wherever you may be in your life journey. From private rooms, to uniquely tailored daily activities that suit your needs, lifestyle and growth and development, we have the unique recovery space for you to turn your life around and realize your true potential.

Email or call us now for further information. SA +27790821745. Confidentiality starts here, and so can your recovery process. Send us your details and we’ll get back to you.