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A Spiritual Story of Self and Spirit

Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Stress, Addictions

Twins in the womb

Ever heard the story of the two twins in a mothers womb talking life, purpose and meaning? It is a Spiritual Story of Self and Spirit. Pretty bizarre and amazing story that focuses on at least two ways to see the world and everything in it.

The distance between faith and faithlessness, hope and hopelessness is the space in which we find ourselves living today. There is irony, in-congruence and everything from absurd senselessness on a universal scale to metaphysical meaning that can be found in the utterances of a child which we detail in our story of two twins in a spiritual womb. In Our Greatest Gift, Henri Nouwen tells A Spiritual Story of Self a and Spirit. A story of faith and hope through two twins in a spiritual womb that I think is amazingly profound. The story is about enlightenment and conscious awareness…

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8 characteristics of Narcissistic Families

8 characteristics of Narcissistic Families

HOW TO AVOID NARCISSISTIC FAMILIES AND THE SEVEN CHARACTER ROLES FAMILIES PLAY 1. Honesty. Nothing works better at healing this and almost all other negative family systems models. Just don’t keep secretes betwixt and between, spoken or unspoken. Speak up and speak honestly. Nothing will develop more healthy mechanisms, rules and roles than this. 2. … Continue reading 8 characteristics of Narcissistic Families