Depression Treatment Centre

We have developed a very unique private, depression treatment centre space called Center for Healing and Life Transformation, where you can come Heal Depression, Anxiety and Stress with us!

Center for Healing and Life Transformation helps people overcome debilitating issues with depression, anxiety and all the other motivators that go with a life that has been effected by depression. Far removed from a clinical setting clients get to keep their own autonomy, comforts and space. Our Depression Treatment Centre programs structure complements the private rooms we offer and ensures clients can work on themselves in the program, while still carrying out their work, studies, home or corporate responsibilities.

Center for Healing and Life Transformation – Come Heal Depression, Anxiety and BURNOUT with us

We are here to help, and offer a family styled environment in the beauty of Plettenberg Bay, where you can grow, heal and enrich your life. Counselling sessions are breathtaking and often mind blowing. We are know world wide for our modern and intimate approaches to treatment. The multidisciplinary therapeutic team all work together to ensure our clients get the life changing experiences they need.



Clients don’t need to have a breakdown, or a rock-bottom, before they choose to take time out to recover, re-balance and heal. Prevention is better than cure.

We help clients move through various phases of healing for :
– Depression
Cancer Treatments (all stages)
– All Personality Disorder Treatments
– Schizophrenia
– Mood and Personality Disorder courses (DBT, CBT, etc.)
– Emotional Healing – Divorce, Burnout, Anxiety, Stress Management

We work with professionals and clients are still able to see their own therapists online while in treatment, if required.

All clients are on their own unique treatment programs. Center for Healing and Life Transformation keeps small numbers and all therapy is done by registered therapists with decades of combined experience. Our team includes top psychiatrists, counsellors and doctors whom we have all worked with successfully since 2012, offering undeniable results to our local and international clients.

The Sanctuary Programs run at Center for Healing and Life Transformation are designed to help you engage in a transformative program that works on mind, body, soul and emotions simultaneously. Our psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and registered therapists all work together to bring about this holistic, intensive and comprehensive program.

Plettenberg Bay is well known as a healing Mecca, that is often referred to as the Monaco of South Africa. All our Sanctuary Programs are carried out at our homely centre. Sea views and short walks to the beach are what we love. The treatment team, the location, the animals, forests, oceans and mountains are our foundation. We live and breathe here daily, contribute to a life changing experience.

Who can benefit from a Wellness and Depression Treatment Centre?

Everyone! More and more people world-wide are going to centres and retreats annually as apart of their self development work. Deep emotional, spiritual and mindful work were seldom ever thought of historically and people today have started to pay the consequences. We need connection, expression and oftentimes a passionate letting go of people, places and things that have been traumatic, hurtful or emotionally wounding.

Developing the tools you need to move forward, grow and heal in your life is an extraordinary life experience that no one should be afraid of. Staying stuck should be our biggest fear. We need to grow, self actualize and develop through things like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and even relationships.

Depression Treatment Centre

For more info on our Depression Treatment Centre drop us a line +27824424779. We can help.

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