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Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) is the clinical director in Plettenberg Bay of the Centre for Healing and Life transformation team, holding two degrees in psychology and with thousands of hours of therapy time as a registered counsellor. He has been helping people recover since 1997 from basically every kind of trauma, emotional disorder and type of pathology that affects peoples lives, their functioning, those around them and of course the roads that their present and future lives will take.


Mark has both short term and long term clients who he has been seeing for many years, who continue to improve their lives and live well balanced and free lives as No Limit, Self actualizing people who have learned to live their purpose. Mark has fast developed a reputation for not only helping with the healing of the mind, body and soul and the restoration of spirit. He moves past these confines and helps people find meaning in their lives, and actualize their true potential from their. “Depression is sometimes not about staying stuck, or settling for life with a disease, it’s about learning from your past and developing your higher self. It’s about living better than well!”


Mark L Lockwood has a passion for the psychology of how people think and why and more importantly has a deep love for healing, theology, psychology, spirituality and Christianity in its truest form and believes all paths, traditions and religions lead to God as you understand Him. Mark has hundreds of hours of therapy time with patients from all spheres of life, dealing with trauma, lows, ED, depression through to disorders and suicides. Marks study of human behaviour, self reliance and human development over the past 20 years have provided invaluable insights into how people think, function and behave.



Our expert medical team of therapists at Centre for Healing and Life transformation is led by a treatment team of consultant psychiatrists, specialist doctors, doctors and healing professionals who provide a full range of treatment options for our clients. Because we utilize an individualized treatment program that is highly client specific, our treatment team is considerable and highly collective in terms of skills. As we are not a run of the mill clinic or recovery center and certainly don’t aspire to be. We don’t have nurses or medical staff on site – only therapist and a team of loving individuals dedicated to personal transformation. You are treated like a sojourner, a passionista, a person in need of profound change, healing, growth and transformation. As such you keep your phones and laptops, your dignity, solitude and privacy as you need it. The balance between growth and development and empathic loving care is second to none. You will feel the atmosphere as you walk through the door. We are down to earth, earthy and spiritual. Open to all people, religions and lifestyles. We are all about connection, support and profound personal growth.

Plettenberg Bay itself has an absolute wealth of experienced medical and health practitioners. They often work together to assist patients with fulfilling their specific needs. These amazing people comprise our consultant medical treatment team and every one of them helps us to pursue and build our growing and unique name for leading edge treatment, that meets people where they are in their own, unique process.

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